Rockschool produces Grade books in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Vocals & Keyboards. Each book contains everything you need to sit your Rockschool exam as well as providing an essential learning tool for beginners to advanced players.

2012 Guitar, Bass & Drums Grade Books

With the introduction of the 2012 Guitar, Bass & Drums Syllabus, candidates have the choice of 2 Syllabuses (the Vocals, Piano and Band Based Keys Syllabuses remain untouched). The 2006-2012 Syllabus & the NEW 2012-2018 Syllabus.

For the Rockschool 2012-2018 Syllabus we have employed some of the most sought after professional musicians to ensure that our tunes are the most authentic on offer. The new Syllabus encompasses our 21 years of experience and grounding in rock and pop music education. The 2012 Grade books come with everything you need to take the exam, 2CD's with backing tracks and full mixes, walkthoughs for the difficult sections of the tunes and examples of the unseen technical tests.

2012 Grade Book Features 

  • UCAS points at Grades 6-8
  • Fully accredited throughout the UK
  • Specialist professional writers & top session musicians
  • Plot your stylistic specialism through the grades
  • Free choice piece element in your exam 

2012-2018 Companion Guides and Technical Handbooks

The brand new 2012-2018 Companion Guides and Technical Handbooks are your essential study guides. Perfect for teachers and students, they are the best way to improve exam performance and technical ability. 

Perfect for Teachers and Students

The Rockschool 2012-2018 Guitar, Bass & Drums Companion Guides feature over 200 ‘unseen’ test examples that cover every grade from Debut-8. The Companion Guides contain 3 CD’s worth of audio so you’ll be able to get every aspect of your guitar exam nailed. If you want to improve your exam performance, this is the book for you.

The Rockschool 2012-2018 Technical Handbooks feature every riff, scale, arpeggio, chord, technical exercise and rudimentyou need to complete your Rockschool Grade Exam (Grades Debut-8). The Technical Handbooks contain audio CD so you’ll be able to nail all the technical exercises in your exam as well as improve your technical ability at home. 

Companion Guide Features

  • Sight Reading (Debut-5) - 6 per grade
  • Improvisation & Interpretation (Grades1-5) - 6 per grade
  • Ear Tests (Debut-Grade 8) - 6 per grade
  • Quick Study Pieces (Grades 6-8) - 6 examples per grade in varying styles from metal-Latin
  • General Musicianship Questions (Debut-Grade 8) - 5 example questions per grade

Technical Handbook Features 

  • Grade-by-grade overview – What’s new at each grade and the technical work required
  • Grade-by-grade ordering – Every key, starting note, fingering, & sticking pattern
  • 3x Stylistic Study examples (Grades 6-8) – Comprehensive examples from metal-Latin
  • Frequently Asked Questions section – Questions you might find useful before your exam

Use the Companion Guides and Technical Handbooks alongside your Rockschool Grade Book to improve technical ability and ace your exam.

Find out more about the 2012 Syllabus

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