Dates and Fees


Due to feedback from our loyal rockschool supporters, we have decided that the online system that was implemented in 2014 was not the best fit for the multitude of group bookings that were requested by teachers and schools nationally.

We, therefore, have created a registration form which will allow individual and bulk bookings from teachers and schools ONLY. Please note, all registration forms must be organised by your teacher or tuition institution. Payment must accompany the registration forms by processing a bank deposit of all fees to the account specified on the form. Please ensure you send a remittance advice to referencing your school or teachers name.


Exam Tour Dates & Locations

2017 Dates LocationRegistrations

3rd - 7th August

3rd - 11th December

Exam Centres TBC



Close June 30th

Open September 30th


Reschedule Policy

You must contact Rockschool on (09)377 8584 at least 24 hours prior to your exam start time if you wish to reschedule an exam. Notifying your teacher or exam centre is not sufficient. There are no refunds for cancelled or missed exams. You can however, reschedule to another available time during the same exam tour or the next exam tour ONLY. Your exam credit will be forfeited should you not book into either the current tour or tour immediately following. 

Video Exams

If you are not in the local area of an exam centre teachers can register their students for Video Exams where by the teacher will conduct the exam while filming and send it to Rockschool for examining.

Candidates can register for Video exams the same way you would register for a live exam, simply place 'Video Exam' in the 'Exam Centre' column of your Registration Form. We will then contact all teachers and send them the exam materials 2 days prior to the exam.

Diploma Exams

Diploma exams are not currently available to book online. Please contact us if you would like to sit a Diploma Exam.


Fees for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano and Band Based Keys. Fees will be paid into our NZ Rockschool account.

Entry Level (Debut)                                                

$95  NZD

Grade 1                                                                    $160  NZD
Grade 2 $160 NZD
Grade 3 $160 NZD
Grade 4 $195 NZD
Grade 5 $195 NZD
Grade 6 $225 NZD
Grade 7 $225 NZD
Grade 8 $225 NZD

Band Exams Fees

Band exams are only offered at Grades 3, 5 and 8. Please note that the prices listed below are per candidate.

Grade 3 $65 NZD
Grade 5 $70 NZD
Grade 8 $80 NZD