Exam Centres

Business Development Managers

Each state has been or is currently being appointed a Business Development Manager (BDM). This is the local point of contact for all Rockschool participants e.g. exam centres, schools & teachers and is the face and ambassador of Rockschool for each state. It is the BDM who will meet with potential Exam Centres and confirm their eligibility. 

Want to be an exam centre for the July/August tour or October/November tour?

At this stage, each state has an appointed Business Development Manager who meets with, assesses and confirms exam centre suitability for each tour. If you would like to be a public Exam Centre, please contact your local Business Development Manager via email to arrange a meeting to discuss. Please note, public exam centres allow students from different schools to participate in exams at your centre. If you would like to be a private exam centre and have only your students examined at your centre, you must have at least 10 students confirmed and registered before any BDM can confirm you as an exam centre. This can again be discussed with your local BDM.


Exam Centres

Exam centres are still being confirmed for the next 2 tours for 2017. 

School of Rock Auckland - 141 Hobson St, Auckland CBD 1010

Music Education Centre - 118C Railside Ave, Henderson

Mary Williams Studio - 21 Turi St, New Plymouth

Manawatu Musician Makers - 32 Freyberg Street, Palmerston North 4414

Ashby School of Music - All South Island (based in Gore)

We will be expanding our exam centre locations for 2015 so if you are interested in becoming an exam centre in the future please contact us and we can direct you to your state's Business Development Manager.

Video Exams

If you are not in the local area of an exam centre teachers can register their students for Video Exams where by the teacher will conduct the exam while filming and send it to Rockschool for examining.

Candidates can register for Video exams the same way you would register for a live exam, simply place 'Video Exam' in the 'Exam Centre' column of your Registration Form. We will then contact all teachers and send them the exam materials 2 days prior to the exam.